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Rating: 5.0
3 weeks ago
My SUV was broke at Home Depot parking lot in the evening, and I need my windows to be installed ASAP, preferably next day. Searched online during the night and find this service. Never has this ''coming to your home and repair'' kind of service before but want to have a try. It would be very convenient. The rep called me in the morning and discussed with me a few options. Then scheduled a technician from an Auto Window Repair company to come in the afternoon between 1 to 3pm. The service company then called and verified again which windows needed to be replaced. The technical came in around 2pm and finished less than one hour. The quality is great, and just looks like nothing happened to that window. I am satisfied and highly recommend this service.
Rating: 5.0
3 weeks ago
Guy was outstanding and did good work quickly.
Rating: 5.0
4 weeks ago
Awesome service! Quick, friendly, quality work...Did I mention quick? They arrived and finished in less than 30 minutes! I'm very pleased!
Rating: 5.0
4 weeks ago
Inside and outside of my car was left spotless. Seat was re adjusted to my exact position, did not have to adjust when I went home at the end of day. Service was prompt. I had the opportunity to check out other groups and pricing. Was so impressed with the answering service, detailed information that I really did not feel the need to shop around for price quotes. It was the customer service from beginning to end that they have perfected that sealed the deal. We had to make date and time changes and I had a live voice every time.

Nationwide Windshield Replacement

Your car’s windshield is cracked. Don’t panic. This situation can be fixed simply and easily with one call to Windshield Guru. Car owners sometimes face the nightmarish situation of damaged auto glass, and it’s easy to worry about how much the glass repair of your windshield is going to cost. You may end up putting off repairs for this reason. However, the last thing you should do is ignore the damage. Cracked auto glass, especially a cracked windshield, can distort vision when driving, increasing your risk of an accident.

However, it’s not impossible to find affordable and quality auto glass service and windshield replacement or repair near you. Windshield Guru, for example, provides nationwide auto glass replacement or repair services at reasonable rates. We also take pride in the quality of services we offer.

Repair or Replace?

When you encounter damaged auto glass, you face two options: repair or replace. Replacements will cost more than repairs and are necessary only in instances of severe damage. Most car insurance policies cover auto glass repairs and replacements, and we’ll be glad to work with them, so check there first. Repairs are often fully paid for by insurance companies without affecting your normal insurance rates. Replacements are also covered by insurance in some instances. Sometimes, costs may be included in the deductibles. In any case, Windshield Guru aims to make the amount you pay out of your own pocket as low as possible. We will work with you to determine what steps need to be taken, then with your insurance company if you’d like. Windshield Guru’s expertise and competitive prices makes the decision simple. And since Windshield Guru’s mobile team will come to you to repair your auto glass, the process is easy.

What to Do When You Notice a Damaged Car Window or a Windshield?

Inspect your glass to determine the extent of damage, then contact Windshield Guru for a quote. Our Nationwide team of certified glass installers will come to your home of office to replace or repair the glass at no extra charge.

Enjoy Top Quality Work

Windshield Guru offers the best rates for high-quality work on auto glass repairs. There really are differences in quality with repairs or replacement of auto glass, and it’s important to work with a team that gets it done right the first time.

Windshield Guru can get your auto glass repaired quickly and conveniently. Contact us today for hassle-free mobile auto glass replacement or repairs with all the benefits.


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Storm-Cracked Auto Glass? Supoport local auto glass installers

By purchasing your auto glass through Windshield Guru, you are helping local businesses.We know the value of locally based businesses because we count on professionals in your area to install and repair your glass. In turn, these smaller, locally based businesses rely on us to provide inexpensive auto glass and regular customers.

Windshield Guru repair and replacement makes it easy for your personal or business needs. We take pride in giving you the opportunity to find the best deal on auto glass replacement or windshield repair for your automobile. Whether your personal vehicle is in need of auto glass repair or replacement, or a business vehicle, we offer the best deals from the leaders in the industry to remedy your auto glass chip, crack, or full replacement.

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