About the Gold Star Guru Provider Rating System

Every installer that works with Auto Glass Guru receives a rating through the Gold Star Guru Rating System.

An installer's Gold Star Guru Rating is determined by the following factors...

  • Positive reviews vs Negative reviews.
  • Longevity with as a Guru Provider.
  • Volume of Replacement Windshields Performed.
  • Reputation within the Local Community.
  • Glass Affordability.
  • Installation Speed and Service.

Superior Provider
Very Good Provider
Good Provider

If a glass provider slips below our 3-Star minimum they are instantly reduced to a zero star rating and are no longer considered to be a valued provider.

By creating the Gold Star Guru Rating System, Auto Glass Guru hopes to ensure that each and every customer makes an informed decision when choosing their installer.

Auto Glass Guru values its customers feedback and actively uses feedback received to ensure transparency and provide an optimum customer experience.

Auto Glass Guru strives to protect its customers and provide them with quality, reliable, affordable, and friendly auto glass installers.
This is the only program of its kind in the auto glass industry.