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INSURANCE? I have comprehensive insurance or glass coverage

Do You Have a Windshield and Auto Glass Insurance Policy?

Auto insurance policies come in all shapes and sizes - oftentimes with windshield and glass replacement clauses included. When it comes to auto insurance, most people don't read through the entire contract or make sure they know all the details of the included coverage. With clauses provided for seemingly impossible natural disasters and acts of war, it's no wonder. It often seems pointless to look beyond the big topics of collision, theft, and uninsured motorist coverage. However, almost all comprehensive policies do include some amount of insurance for windshield or auto glass damage. It's a tiny little difference that can make a big impact on your bottom line.

What to Expect from Your Insurance Policy

Although windshield and auto glass insurance policies vary depending on your situation and your insurance provider, most of them follow a few basic formats. Within your policy, you should expect to find information on:
  • The amount of coverage: if you have full insurance coverage on your car, you may actually get free windshield repair as a part of your regular package. This is rarely tapped into, so many insurance providers feel safe including it in the fine print.
  • A specialty windshield repair deductible: if your collision deductible comes in at a hefty $500 or $1000 price tag, it might seem pointless to get your windshield repaired through your insurance. Some providers offer a smaller deductible just for windshields that allows you to get the repairs you need without being forced to meet the collision figures.
  • A "no penalty" windshield repair policy: those who have used their auto insurance in the past know that there are often increased rates that appear after making a claim. Since windshield and auto glass damage is so minimal, it may not be included in this process.
  • Quick and easy access: because there are so many different types of windshield repair companies, you may not have to go through the same insurance channels for this type of work. You may be able to make a claim without having to meet with an insurance adjuster or even make your claim entirely through your auto glass repair provider.

How to Tap into your Auto Glass Insurance Coverage

Because many auto insurance providers work on the assumption that the fewer claims filed, the better it is for their business, they may not be completely upfront about your windshield repair coverage. Make sure you read your policy in its entirety and talk with your insurance agent to learn exactly what your options are for getting a windshield repaired to keep your car - and your passengers - safe.