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The way we do business, you won't ever settle for anyone else when it comes to your Auto Glass AND Windshield needs. Shop around and you'll see we are the clear option ! Though we don't have contracts with insurance companies, their shops call us when they get too busy. We take all comers and respond promptly, work efficiently on site on time and as promised so that you don't have to spend another minute behind the wheel of a cracked windshield or even a shattered driver's side window.

Break Ins

Shattered glass everywhere and you need to get to work in fifteen minutes. It's a scenario for which very few people are prepared. So you need someone there before a rainstorm or further theft takes place. Personal safety requires a quick fix that can come to you. Why take time from you day to replace a broken window? Auto Glass Guru can help.

Windshield Tech

Heated Rear Window and heated Windshields sound fancy.. Soon every vehicle will utilize cross wind turbulence control for debris and water removal instant defrost and tiny pressurized air pockets lining the edge of the Windshield. These are not alien to our practice but our specialty is in tuning and customizing your Heads Up Display per your specifications. We are happy to offer our services to discriminating clients and people on the run alike.