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Chandler is a sensible and well lit area with the best malls in the metro-plex. Unfortunately, there is widespread theft because of the nature of the large parking acreage necessary for the kind of shopping areas to which many flock to for the best shopping in the area. We can repair your vehicleís glass right in the mall parking lot while you wait. Because we arrive to your location for the repair the fix is immediate. Our courteous field technicians pride themselves on knowledge of common conditions and insulation types for all model vehicles as each has received extensive training in the field.

At the same time, why not let us repair those small Windshield chips before they get out of control. It only takes minutes and youíd be surprised how much money you can save.

Your Auto Glass can be easily repaired since we are on the road minutes after your appointment confirmation. Moving to where you car is: Ready to fix it right where itís parked. Ready in less than an hour. Windshield replacement? Yes, we can do that too. Sometimes vandalism can be random and unprovoked. Donít ride in a car that lessens your credibility everywhere you drive. Let us fix that for you. We can help. Auto Glass Guru is watching out for our customers by passing the savings of of a very low overhead, straight to you!


Road debris, no matter how experienced a driver you are sometimes canít be avoided. Itís safer to take the Windshield chip than to risk the safety of your passengers. Let us maximize your visibility from a driverís perspective for the sake of your loved ones and friends.